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CeCe and Millie 


CeCe & Millie 

We LOVE rescue pups and we are so excited to introduce you to our April Rescue Dogs of the Month, Millie and CeCe! Guys, LOOK at them! Are they not adorable? We know, we're already in love with them. Millie and CeCe are sisters and are available for adoption through our friends at Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue.

Millie, CeCe, and their sister, Sippsey were rescued from a backyard breeding operation. Their life before rescue was less a pretty picture. They lived, day in and day out, in crates inside a small concrete kennel. They had never been in a home, never played outside in the sunshine, never laid in the grass, never experienced love or socialization.

When they were rescued and came to their foster home, they were very apprehensive about their new surroundings and took a bit of time to warm up to their new lives. It's easy to understand their hesitation- they'd never been loved and adored (the way every pup should be!) before! In time these sweet girls learned to be dogs. They learned to sleep in soft beds, play outside, and they learned to be loved by humans.

Millie is five years old and CeCe is four. Sippsey has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge. These sweet sisters have been through a lot together and are incredibly bonded. Thus, they're a package deal! Double the fun! Their foster mom says, "They are the sweetest girls. Having these two girls in your household will seem like having just one dog - they're that easy!" They both know how to use a doggie door and love to spend time outside. CeCe is the Squirrel Police and Millie excels in her role as Squirrel Police Supervisor. They'd love to find a home where they can have a big dog bed to sleep on together! Millie and CeCe are not suited to be crated while they're family is away or at night. They love kids and do well with other dogs as well as cats! 

Millie's hips are a bit wonky but it doesn't stop her from loving life! She can handle a few steps up and down from a back porch just fine, she just can't not be required to walk or up down a flight of stairs. These gals love dinner time and snacking on grain-free treats!

If you think Millie and CeCe are just the girls for you, or if you'd like to know more, contact Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue at

You can meet CeCe and Millie in person at the Bad to the Bone Dog Show , April 21st! Click the link for more info.


     Rescue/Shelter:  Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue

Gender:  Female

     Breed: English Bulldog  

  Age:  CeCe, 4 years
​               Millie, 5 years