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protect your pooch with pet cpr & first aid basics

Darla McLeroy & Jennifer Stout, Pet Tech Instructors, Carey Pet & Home Care

 “He received a very nasty stomach wound from a very large dog. It all happened very quickly. The big dog was in high prey drive and Fyshy just happened to be closest” said Ann M. of her dog Fysher’s terrible confrontation that left him in a true medical emergency. Thanks to her CPR and first aid training, she knew how to take care of Fysher until he could get emergency medical attention. He’s now on the road to recovery, and Ann is glad she knew how to handle the situation. “I was able to do everything I needed to on the spot. My first aid kit was well stocked with all the right stuff and we whisked him off to the vet.”

In an emergency, minutes -- even seconds -- count. Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death in pets. The more you know about your pet’s health, the better chance you have of keeping a simple problem from becoming a big problem.

Many people learn CPR and first aid to be prepared to help other humans. But what about helping pets? According to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four pets would survive if just one first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care. Our pets are members of our family, our best friends and our lifelong companions. We would do anything to help them lead happier, healthier lives.

By completing a pet CPR and first aid class, you increase the chances of becoming a true lifesaver for your dog. Pet CPR and first aid are the immediate care given to a dog that has been injured or suddenly ill. Being trained in first aid, being prepared, and keeping good records for your pet’s health are some of the best things you can do to be prepared for a medical emergency and to help your dog live a longer life. These trainings have helped save the lives of thousands of pets that have been in emergency situations with their guardian or animal care professional.

Pet Tech classes are available for concerned guardians to learn dozens of skills including CPR and rescue breathing, how to stop bleeding, how to treat choking or induce vomiting for poisoned pets, and much more. Classes are designed to train everyone from dog parents and animal care professionals to emergency first responders. During class, you will learn how to manage your pet’s health and nutrition for a long life, how to avoid potential hazards to pets, and what to do in the event of an emergency.  The classes include information on what human foods and medications can be harmful or deadly to your dog, and what vital items should be kept in a first aid kit.

Knowing the skills and techniques of first aid can mean the difference between life and death. By being educated in CPR and first aid basics, you will know what to do in the first twelve seconds of finding your dog unresponsive or injured. The sooner emergency care is started, the better chance for survival.

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