​​Halloween Safety tips

Shelley Erdman, Full Circle Obedience

Halloween is certainly not a small event in our corner of the world. If your Halloween celebration includes a party you might want to consider crating Fido while the “scary” things arrive. If he is normally calm and good with kids and adults, bring him out on a leash while guests greet him calmly one at a time. If guests are wearing masks, ask them to remove them while Fido is present. Once he has greeted guests, let him return to his crate with a Kong filled with dog-appropriate goodness or a Primal bone so he can enjoy Halloween and you can tend to your guests.

Trick-or-treating is an experience we all remember fondly. Many dogs are wary of scary-looking beings running and squealing down the street, swinging big bags or the creepy “bwah-ha-ha” coming from the neighbor’s decorated lawn. Trick-or-treating with children requires your full attention, so let Fido nap while you take the kids on the neighborhood rounds. If you feel he is left out, curl up on the couch and watch Scooby Doo’s Halloween Special with him when you get home.

Remember, once you’ve checked all that trick-or-treat candy and taken your share for acting as chaperone, put the rest safely out of Fido’s reach. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, as are many other ingredients in candy. Xylitol, the sweetener in many sugar-free candies and gums, is extremely toxic to dogs. Make sure the kids don’t leave light sabers, magic wands, clown make-up, or other costume paraphernalia out for Fido to investigate with his mouth. Costume accessories ingested by the family dog can take a real bite out of Halloween fun.

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